Cattle drive

July 2014– A cattle drive on the Cremer Ranch in Melville, Montana. I covered this for the Big Timber Pioneer during my summer internship in 2014. The drive was a throwback to drives in the 1970s that once went down the main street of Big Timber. A nearby guest ranch rode on the drive with their clients.

_NYC4065 Saddling up at the barn on the Cremer place.

_NYC4081 Matt Cremer, the head of the ranch. The Cremers are one of the largest landowners in the state. One of Matt’s relatives is the late Leo Cremer, one of the west’s most prominent rodeo contractors.

_NYC4436 The herd coming up Cremer Road behind Mark Silverstein(left) and Matt Cremer.

_NYC4865 Trailing the herd over a hill

_NYC4884 The chuck wagon. Lunch, beer and more.

_NYC4987 Camp for the night. Stew dinner and more beer before the cowboys called it a night.


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