The 64th Montana Legislature and college clips

Montana’s attorney general lobbied lawmakers behind the scenes to pass a bill that would help him win a lawsuit over whether the state’s primary elections should be open or closed.

Montana scrambled to create a plan for conserving sage grouse, hoping to ward off a listing under the Endangered Species Act.

Clips published before I went to the legislature:

Tyler Hamilton rode alongside Lance Armstrong. Years later, he told 60 Minutes about the doping subculture of cycling. He spent more than a decade in the news. Now he just wants to relax in Missoula. This profile — which appeared in the Montana Journalism Review — focused on how media coverage has changed his life.

A lovely story about a banana tree. I wrote this for the Montana Kaimin.

Montana has only one public opinion poll in many non-presidential election years. This is my poll results story from 2014. It appeared in the Kaimin and on Montana Public Radio’s website.

During my summer at the Big Timber Pioneer, I wrote about a bullfighter at the Big Timber Rodeo. I shot the photo for this story as well. Bullfighter Profile

This link is to another story I wrote in Big Timber about a high profile hit-and-run case. It was picked up by the paper’s parent company, Yellowstone Newspapers, and ran in a few different papers around Montana.


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